Sermon Notes Level for Elementary Students, Special Offer

Sermon Notes Level for Elementary Students, Special Offer

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Elementary-aged kids often have a hard time paying attention to a sermon geared for adults.

But now you can keep them quietly entertained and encourage them to take an active part in church services - with these adorable Sermon Notes Printables!

Specifically designed for mid to late-elementary grades, These Sermon Notes Printables will help kids better understand the sermon by encouraging them to write down the main points and the Bible references. 

A Sunday morning checklist encourages them to not only come to church prepared, but to participate through singing and greeting other people.

And, a "This Week" review section encourages kids to remember what they heard on in the message and apply it to their lives throughout the week.

Nobody wants to do the same page over and over again! That's why the Sermon Notes Printables includes ten completely different page designs (front and back). Kids will love having different images and activities to complete each Sunday.

This product is a digital file. You will not receive a physical copy. Instead, you will receive a downloadable file that you can open and print immediately. You may print as many copies as desired for your own immediate family use.

This file is 20 pages long (10 pages front and back). If you have a printer that can print double sided, simply choose that option when you print the file.

If you would like to purchase this file for church use, please click here.

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