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Kids Bible Teacher

C-Family Bible Study: Teach Us To Worship, Instant Download

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In the midst of a self-worshiping world, teaching our children how to worship God is the single most important lesson that we could possibly give them. And yet, most of us feel completely unprepared to teach our children this vitally important Christian discipline.

Teach Us to Worship is a 4 week family Bible study written to help families explore what true Biblical worship really looks like. This Bible study comes in three compatible levels, encouraging preschoolers to work alongside elementary, tween, and teen siblings as they study God’s Word together. You have the flexibility of looking over all three levels, than choosing which levels work best for your family.

Fascinating Bible stories, engaging word puzzles, and practical life-application questions make the 10-15 minute lessons thought-provoking and enjoyable.

You can teach your children what true worship looks like. Why not start today?

Not sure if this study is right for your family? You can take a sneak peak at the first week by clicking the levels below:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3