A-Family Bible Study: Wisdom Talks, Instant Download

A-Family Bible Study: Wisdom Talks, Instant Download

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You want to teach your children God’s Word.

You desire to show your kids that the Bible has the answers for their every problem. You long to instill a love for God’s Word in your children’s hearts that will last their lifetimes. And, you’re terrified by the statistics that tell us that 70% of kids growing up in Christian homes drop out of the church by the time they are 23 years old.

But, you are busy.

You haven’t found a Bible study that all of your kids can enjoy. Your family’s schedule is crazy. Maybe you have struggled with a spouse or family member who has been less than supportive. Honestly, you feel defeated, guilty, and frustrated every time you think about family devotions.

I want you to know that I completely understand where you are coming from – because I have been there too!

But, what if you could find a family Bible study that was easy to use, relevant, firmly Biblical, and engaging for the whole family?

(Because, here’s a little secret:)

You just found it!

The Wisdom Talks series makes family devotions easy to do and enjoyable. With these Bible studies, you can confidently give your children a solid foundation of Biblical truth in short but life-changing lessons.

Please note: This Bible study is a digital file. You will not receive a physical product. Instead, you will receive a digital file that you can print and begin using immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages is this Bible study written for?

This Bible study is written to enable families with kids of all different ages to study God’s Word together. Each lesson includes a Family Bible Study portion which is meant to be read aloud and discussed as a family. The questions are simple, yet thought provoking. In addition to the Family Bible Study, each lesson also includes journal pages written at four different levels, for preschoolers through teens. The journal pages allow kids to explore each Scripture passage at their own level. This study also includes a Parent’s Journal which helps parents to know what the kids are studying and to discuss the main ideas with their kids.

When you purchase this Bible study, you will receive all four levels. You can choose which levels are best for your family and print as many copies as desired for your own immediate family use.

How long will this Bible study take?

The Family Bible Study portion can be completed as a family in approximately 10 minutes. The journal pages can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.

How many lessons are included in this study?

Wisdom Talks is an introductory study made up of 7 lessons.

Is there any preparation work needed for this study?

No. The study can be picked up and used immediately.

Which Bible versions is this study compatible with?

Kids are encouraged to look up and read passages out of their own Bibles, making this study compatible with any Bible version. Where specific words are needed for word games, the verse is written out in the New American Standard Bible version. All questions have been tested for compatibility with the NASB, NIV, KJV, NKJV, and ESV Bible versions.

Does this Bible study require a lot of paper and ink to print?

The Family Bible Study portion and Parent’s Journal can be viewed as PDF’s on mobile devices and do not need to be printed unless desired. The journal pages are written with two lessons on each page to conserve ink and paper.

Do you have a statement of faith?

Yes! You can view it here.