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Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween Bible Study Instant DIGITAL Download

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A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween Bible Study will help you confidently talk to your  children about Halloween and point them towards the Gospel!

Do you dread Halloween?

Your little girl is horrified by a scary decoration hanging in your neighbor’s yard…

Your son mentions that vampires are cool…

Your daughter wants to know why people are so obsessed with death…

Your son wants to know why you celebrate Halloween differently than your neighbors…

How will you respond to these loaded questions and situations?

You can respond to them with the  Gospel!

A Sweet Opportunity: Seeing the Gospel in Halloween is a Halloween Bible study that will help you to confidently talk to your kids about Halloween. 

Using the Bible as your foundation, this Halloween Bible study will help you show your kids how the gospel relates to six different aspects of Halloween:

  • TRICK OR TREAT? Only Knowing God will Bring Us True Satisfaction!
  • COSTUMES: We Cannot Hide Our Sins from God.
  • DARKNESS NO LONGER REIGNS: Jesus is the Light of the World!
  • ARE YOU AFRAID? When we know God's love, we don't have to fear anything.
  • WITCHES, VAMPIRES, AND GHOULS: God has overcome evil.
  • SKELETONS, GHOSTS, AND GRAVES: Jesus has conquered death.

Stop dreading Halloween and start having meaningful conversations with your kids as you share the gospel with them!

Halloween is everywhere - at the grocery store, on the billboard, at in the library, and hanging in your neighbor's tree.


  • Have open, age appropriate discussions with your children about Halloween
  • Give your children a Biblical view of Halloween
  • Help your children understand why you approach Halloween the way you do - and why it might be different from how other people approach Halloween
  • Lead your children to make their own decisions about how they will or will not celebrate Halloween based on Biblical values
  • Help ease your children's fears when they see scary things or things they don't understand
  • Turn your children's hearts towards God during this season
  • Show your kids that the Bible has the answer for things that might confuse, worry, or scare us


  • Overreact
  • Be unable to defend why you believe the way that you do when you speak to your kids
  • Be harshly judgmental of those who might approach Halloween differently than you do while trying to explain your own convictions
  • Embrace things that displease God just because that's what everyone else is doing
  • Avoid tough conversations because you don't know what to say
  • Leave your children vulnerable to fear or confusion during the Halloween season
  • Hide in your basement the entire month of October

It doesn't have to be this way!

A Sweet Opportunity Halloween Bible Study will give you the tools you need to talk to your kids about Halloween and help your kids see how the Gospel relates to Halloween.


  • Challenge your kids to think a little deeper about what Halloween really means through fun, open-ended questions
  • Talk to your kids about how your own family has chosen to approach Halloween.
  • Remind your children that God is still in control through encouraging Bible verses
  • Help your kids discover that Jesus has conquered darkness, fear, evil, and death.
  • Complete a six lesson Bible study with your kids that the whole family or class enjoys
  • Help your kids talk about what they might be scared of or find confusing during this season - and then help them find answers in the Bible!

A Sweet Opportunity Halloween Bible Study will guide you through topics and Bible verses so that you can easily study the Bible with your kids - and it can be used over and over again, year after year!

Open-ended discussion questions will challenge your kids to think a little deeper about what Halloween really means and will enable you to talk to your kids about how your own family has chosen to approach Halloween. Encouraging Bible verses will remind your children that God is still in control and that Jesus has conquered darkness, fear, evil, and death. Beautiful graphics and relevant topics make this Halloween Bible study engaging and enjoyable to complete.

Please note: This Halloween Bible study is a digital file. You will not receive a physical product. Instead, you will receive a digital file that you can print and begin using immediately.

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