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flash sale on prayer journals!

Help your young children through tweens / teens discover the joy of prayer! These printable journal pages make it easy - and they're on sale through Friday, February 10 at 3PM ET!

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We are here to help you save time AND leave a deep and lasting impact on your students' lives. From classroom organization forms to birthday cards to fun classroom activities, we have you covered with the resources you need for your Bible class!

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LOVE THESE! These are just too perfect for my littles to use in church. The pictures are so fun and they love having the checklist to mark each Sunday. I love having so many different ones to rotate through so they never get bored with them and look forward to having a new one each Sunday! Thanks so much Anna for having these available!


ANOTHER Must Have! I love the versatility with this Bingo game. I love that the cards can be used in plenty of other ways besides just Bingo. I plan on using them for introduction, review and other matching games!

S. Burlison

Rock Solid Teaching, Great Quality. I used this for our 8 - 15's who stay in our adult sermon. Lead in with a brief 'Children's Spot' for the whole church focusing on a different area each week. So nice to have a good quality, solid teaching resource to give our children. Many online resources feel a little light on content and slapped together - Anna Joy's resources are so wonderful. If you want to provide something so much more than 'busy work' - this is it!


What an awesome purchase this was for both my kids.....
They love doing it day by day and also colour the pages as they learn the meaning of prayer.
Thank you so much, Anna Joy


These sermon notes are visually appealing and worked wonderfully at keeping my children engaged in the sermon. They really enjoyed completing them. As a mother, I like how they are not just for taking notes but have questions and activities to encourage deeper thinking and application of the text to their lives.


Ultimate Bible Teacher's Resource Bundle

Make teaching Bible lessons easy for you and fun for your students!

The Ultimate Bible Teacher's Printable Resource Bundles give you everything you need to get organized in minutes and confidently create exciting Bible lessons your kids will love around any Bible story or from any curriculum - and it's super easy to use!

Ultimate Teacher's Bundles

You are passionate about sharing God's love with your kids.


30 Day Bible Reading Journal

Prayer Journal pages

Help your kids discover the joy of prayer while also learning what prayer is and how it changes us.

Through a variety of games and activities including wordsearches, crossword puzzles, and secret codes, your kids will be challenged to read Bible passages and learn exactly what the Bible says about the importance of prayer.

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