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Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards Game for Studying Any Content

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The Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards will help your 1st Graders, 2nd Graders, 3rd Graders, and 4rth Graders laugh and learn while answering questions about any lesson material that you are teaching. You can use this lesson review game with ANY LESSON!

In the Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards, your students will race to see who can get a line of four cards in a row first - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally - by answering lesson review questions correctly. Each lesson review question answered correctly gets the lizard team or the leopard team a card, which they can then add to the board. Your kids will be laughing and playing as they answer questions and strategically place their cards to win the game.

Best part? You will love having a lesson review game at your fingertips that you can use immediately with any lesson and use for years to come. 

The Leopards Vs. Lizards Lesson Review Game is perfect for 1st Graders through 4rth Graders!


  1. A complete, printable instruction page so you can easily see how to set the game up and play it, AND pass on to a fellow teacher or sub if needed!
  2. Twelve leopard cards and twelve lizard cards
  3. The choice to print the game cards in full color OR black and white outline
  4. Peace of mind knowing that you have a lesson review game that your kids will love to play, ready to go at a moment's notice!

To play the lesson review game Leopards Vs. Lizards, you will draw a large grid of four columns down by five rows across on a dry erase or chalkboard, large enough that one leopard or lizard card can fit in each square. You will then use rolled or double sided tape to tape the leopard and lizard cards to the board, to the sides of the grid.

Divide your students into two teams - the leopard team and the lizard team. When you call on a team, they can answer a question. You can choose whether they will answer as a team or individually. If they answer correctly, they can place one of their cards on the grid, starting from the bottom squares and building upon other cards, as the game of "connect 4" is played. Cards cannot "hang" in the air with nothing below them, they must be on the bottom row or directly above another card.

Continue alternating questions between the teams until one team succeeds in getting a "line" of four cards.

This game is excellent to laminate so that you can use it over and over again for years to come!

When you purchase, you will receive a digital file. You can print as many copies of this game as needed for your immediate family, classroom, church, or club to use for years to come.

Please Note: This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product in the mail. Instead, you will receive access to the digital file, allowing you to print the game immediately.


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    Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards Game for Studying Any Content
    Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards Game for Studying Any Content
    Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards Game for Studying Any Content
    Lesson Review Game Leopards Vs. Lizards Game for Studying Any Content