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Bible Bingo New Testament Characters - Bible Games for Youth

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This Bible Bingo Game will help your students get to know the CHARCTERS of the New Testament!

Your kids will love the adorable NEW TESTAMENT PEOPLE illustrations and you will love the peace of mind knowing that you have a Bible game ready to play at a moment's notice that can be used for years to come.

The New Testament Characters Bible Bingo game is perfect to play at home, in a classroom, or at church. Print it, laminate it, and always have it on hand for a last-minute activity that will help your kids learn more about the Bible.

Your kids will beg to play it again and again!

This Bible bingo game is excellent for:

  • a last minute Sunday School activity
  • to play at home with your kids during Homeschool Bible class
  • a church potluck activity
  • a church messy table activity
  • to use at a party or in Bible class at Christian School
  • a Bible Club activity or game
  • having fun as a family
  • or to make and give as a Gift

The New Testament Characters Bible Bingo Game includes:

  • Easy to Follow Instructions
  • 28 Character Cards in a small size for older kids
  • 28 Character Cards in a larger size to display for younger kids that might not be able to read well
  • A Page of Paper Markers
  • and 30 DIFFERENT Bingo Cards.

Every Bible Bingo Card comes in full color and includes the New Testament Bible person name and a cute picture that will help your students start to remember the names of famous New Testament Bible characters.

This game is excellent to laminate and use over and over again for years to come!

The New Testament Bible Bingo includes small character cards that you can cut and draw out of a small bowl or hat. It ALSO includes larger character cards that you can hold up and show to young children. This is especially helpful for kids who cannot yet read the Bible names.

Here's what one teacher said: "This has been a great resource for us to use for our Bible character study. We can see the children recognize more characters after playing the game. Also great extra resource for our Bible teachers."

There are a total of 39 printable pages in this file. You can choose which pages to print after purchasing.

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Please note: This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product in the mail. Instead, you will receive access to the digital file, allowing you to print the pages immediately and make as many copies as needed for your family, church, or classroom for years to come.

Please Note: This game is INCLUDED in the Preschool and Kindergarten Ultimate Bible Teacher's Bundle.

    Bible Bingo New Testament Characters - Bible Games for Youth
    Bible Bingo New Testament Characters - Bible Games for Youth
    Bible Bingo New Testament Characters - Bible Games for Youth
    Bible Bingo New Testament Characters - Bible Games for Youth
    Bible Bingo New Testament Characters - Bible Games for Youth

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Donna Estelle
    Great graphics!

    We are so excited to use these Old Testament and New Testament bingo games with our child care kids. While their parents are in small group time we can help them learn about important characters of the Bible. I love that the pictures are clear and concise with the person's name on each one.

    Ellen Brodie
    Bible Bingo

    I love the colorful pictures of the Bible Bingo game! It is a great way to introduce K-1 kids to see the books of the Bible words and to become familiar with them as they grow to learn more about them in the years to come. Grateful for this great resource that gives the children a fun game to play in the in-between times.

    Diana E.
    Great teaching tools!

    Wonderful, informative, accurate Bible Games that my Sunday School kids love to play and learn from!

    Donna Tye
    Perfect game for Sunday School

    I teach Sunday School in a church with low membership. My kids are 4 - 9, 5 boys & 1 girl. 1st time ever all sat at the table & paid attention, especially 2 of the very active boys, lol. They loved it & even competed to see who wins the most often. 1 had never played bingo & he won the 1st round & the 2nd.
    Definitely a great way to review the bible as we played.

    Youth church volunteer
    Youth Ministry Volunteer

    The game was perfect. The children played along with enthusiasm. Our senior pastor stopped by to play a round with us and he enjoyed the game. Our youth pastor added some fun by giving hints from his previous lessons so that everyone had a chance to participate and win a game round.