New Testament Quick Facts Cards, Instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

New Testament Quick Facts Cards, Instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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Help your kids get to know the books of the New Testament - with these fun printable New Testament Quick Facts Cards!

Your kids are excited to start learning about the Bible, and you want to encourage them!

Nothing is more important than to teach your kids that they can read, understand, and apply God's Word to their hearts.

But, if your kids don't have any context for reading the books of the Bible, they are going to quickly get confused and discouraged. 

Don't let this happen! The New Testament Quick Facts Cards will give your kids historical context and basic information so that they can quickly understand what each book of the New Testament is about, before they start reading. This will give them much greater understanding and direction as they read the Bible.

These cards are perfect for:

  • Sunday School
  • Homeschool
  • Christian School
  • Bible Club
  • Family Bible Study
  • or to Give as a Gift

The cards can be printed, cut out, and placed on a binder ring. They can even be laminated!

Each card includes:

  • Book genre
  • Name of the book
  • Book author
  • Main Idea
  • Extra information such as an "Includes" section or "Interesting Fact" section
  • Key Verse

These cards will help your kids discover:

  • Why the different books of the New Testament were written
  • Who wrote the books and who the books were written for
  • What we can find in each book of the New Testament
  • and How the New Testament books point us toward Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord.

You can:

  • Give these cards to your kids after they have memorized the books of the New Testament in order
  • Give these cards to your kids when they receive their first Bible
  • Have the cards on hand at home or in a classroom for quick reference
  • Use the cards in Bible class to help review themes from different books of the New Testament
  • Read a card for context before reading that book of the New Testament
  • or Use the cards to give your kids an overview of the New Testament

These cards are available in five different Bible versions - ESV, KJV, NASB, NIV, and NKJV.

Please note: This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product in the mail. Instead, you will receive access to the digital file, allowing you to print the cards and make as many copies as you need for your family, church, or classroom for years to come.

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