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Smart Monkey Game for Studying Any Lesson - Lesson Review Bible Games for Youth

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This Smart Monkey Game for Studying Any Lesson - Lesson Review Games for Youth will help your Preschoolers through 4rth Graders laugh and learn while answering questions about any lesson material that you are teaching. You can use this lesson review game with ANY BIBLE LESSON!

In Smart Monkey Lesson Review Game, your students will discover if they are "Smart Monkeys" as they either agree with the Rhino's answers or disagree. Each team or individual playing gets a "Smart Monkey" page or card which they can display after the question and answer are read. Does the Smart Monkey agree with the Rhino's answer? Or, is the Rhino all wrong?

This game can be played by teams or individuals, competitively or non-competitively - you choose what is best for your kids!

Your kids will have a blast playing this lesson review game. Best part? You will love having a lesson review game at your fingertips that you can use immediately with any lesson you are teaching and use for years to come. 

The Smart Monkey Lesson Review Game is perfect for Preschoolers through 4rth Graders.


  1. A complete, printable instruction page so you can easily see how to set the game up and play it, AND pass on to a fellow teacher or sub if needed!
  2. A Printable Rhino Page for the Teacher
  3. Printable Smart Monkeys cards or pages for the students
  4. The choice to print the pages in full color OR black and white outline
  5. Peace of mind knowing that you have a lesson review game that your kids will love to play, ready to go at a moment's notice!

To play the Smart Monkey Game for Studying any Lesson, you will need a list of review questions that pertain to your lesson and answers to the questions, some answers being correct and some answers being incorrect. You can also use "true" and "false" statements with older kids.

To play the classroom game, divide your students into two teams OR have your students play individually. You will read a question and give the "Rhino's" answer to the question. Your students will hold up the "Yes" Smart Monkey if the answer is correct and the "No" Smart Monkey if the answer is wrong.

This game is excellent to laminate and use over and over again for years to come!

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Can you print multiple copies of this game? Absolutely! You will receive a digital file and you can print as many copies of this game as needed for your immediate family, classroom, church, or club to use for years to come.

Please Note: This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product in the mail. Instead, you will receive access to the digital file, allowing you to print the game immediately.